In 2016, Viktor started to build up the concept of an independent music project. The idea was not only creating and writing original songs, but also identifying a way to artistically extend the music expression. An original concept that mixes different rhythmic, styles And artistic elements, such as a strong visual appeal, the use of creative images as well as innovative videos resources.

ViO is a unique and personal way of playing, recording and communicating. All these elements together promote an artistic (self) expression. This context drove the composition of the songs, a journey that has explored a fusion of styles and influences.

In essence, ViO is music without borders that use many elements to explore a fusion of influences. The band has played since 2017, besides Viktor Haraszti on the saxophone, the quarter is formed by Remco van der Sluis (drum), Taco Nieuwenhuisen Segaar (bass) and Edgar van Asselt (keyboard). They recently recorded the first material, the ViO 360 sessions, which was filmed by using a 360-angle camera, a virtual reality project. Because of this, the band says that ViOis a fusion of diverse music styles integrated into VR (virtual reality).

The new ViO single is out !!


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"ViO is not trying to imitate the visionary artists but follow the visionary artists’ vision." by ViO